Marbury’s 25 elements of Life Guide

The Lawrence Marbury
Black Hipster Nation 25 elements Life Guide.

1.Be open minded.

2.Don’t give anyone your supreme energy. They must earn your trust and freedom first. There’s a difference between good energy and Supreme energy.

3.Don’t let ignorance bring you down.

4.Remember that your skin is still black whether light or dark.

5.Don’t forget where you come from.

6.Love. Peace. Unity.

7.Respect others and their sexuality, race, skin, or background.

8.Love your brother and enemy and trust no one….not even yourself.

9.Eat healthy, take care of your body and drink plenty of water.

10.Exercise daily followed by proper rest.

11.Try to have green tea 1 to 3 times daily.

12.Read a scripture from your book of faith.

13.Be free and don’t sell your soul for a role. Your chance will come. In other words, don’t bow down to anyone for an opportunity.

14.Don’t believe in organized religion. Understanding the Basic Information before Leaving Earth. (B.I.B.L.E)

15.Understand that religion is war, separation, ignorance, and death.

16.If struck against, then strike upon.
Blood for Blood. Hand shake over Hand.

17.Reflect on life for one hour each day.

18.Take showers in the dark. This will help elevate your mind. Remember washing the body with a clear head is cleansing not only to your body, but to your soul. Nothing like beautiful smooth Black Skin.

19.Forgive, but don’t forget.

20.Don’t lie, cheat or steal.

21.Help the poor, and offer to the homeless.

22.Don’t litter.

23.Educate yourself before you depend on the school system. Education is key. A degree is good but not important when you have self knowledge and connections with the right people/person.

24.Spread love.

25.Just be free.

These are 25 Marbury life key elements to help you through this world of destruction and distractions. And understanding that these 25 elements equals 7 which means understanding
that you are the true living God within.

I would love to give credit to my mom for being my inspiration.


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