Marbury’s Peace Tree Guide

This is a Lawrence Marbury Black Hipster Nation Peace Tree rule guide.

This will zone you out. Remember herb is a spiritual connection between one.

1.Absolutely No blunts. Only J’s. From time to time add a little green tea leaf into your plant instead of tobacco or white looking objects.

2.Always have clean hands before you chief. Don’t want bad energy and dirty hands on your Peace.

3. Try to Chief alone so you can sit back and reflect on life. It’s all about self-energy and you never know the bad energy within somebody else when they exhale from inhaling.

4. Eat something healthy. That’s the time your body needs its proper fuel.

5. Have sex. Sex while elevated will have you and your partner on cloud 720… Make sure you have a piece of fruit afterwards.

6. Drink plenty of water.

7.Read a scripture from your book of faith.

8. Just be free!

9.Now consider yourself a part of Black Hipster Nation.

“Plant the seed in your mind.”
“Not in your hand.”


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